Charlie Sheen Survives (Another) Train Wreck in ‘Anger Management’ Teaser (Video)

Charlie Sheen's new FX comedy premieres June 28

Charlie Sheen's making all the jokes about his colorful past before anyone else can.

In the newest teaser for his FX comedy "Anger Management," Sheen stands in the middle of  tracks with a train barreling straight at him. The train and its many cars crash spectacularly, while Sheen remains perfectly unscathed.

"C'mon … everyone deserves a 24th chance," a smiling Sheen says as he walks away from the wreckage.

"Anger Management" premieres on FX on June 28, along with the series premiere of "Brand X With Russell Brand" and new seasons of "Wilfred" and "Louie."

Watch the teaser: