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Charlie Sheen’s Earache Pales Next to Warner Bros.’, CBS’ Headache

While Sheen nursed an earache, executives close to the show – and his own team – continue to worry over the hard partying actor’s behavior

While Charlie Sheen nursed an earache that kept him off the set of “Two and a Half Men” on Wednesday (‘earache’ as in, ‘hangover’?), executives close to his show continued to express concern about the behavior of the comedy star – and where it might lead.

“Nobody’s sticking their head in the sand,” said one executive close to the show. “There’s not a lot we can do. You can’t force a 45 year old man to go to rehab.”

WaxWord has learned that it’s not only the leaders of CBS and Warner Brothers Television — Les Moonves, Peter Roth, Bruce Rosenblum – who are concerned about Sheen’s behavior, but also his own representatives, particularly managers Mark Burg and Oren Koules and longtime spokesman Stan Rosenfield.

But the problem for all of them is a star's private behavior is not much either studio – or the actor's team –  can do much about. As long as he shows up to work and knows his lines, as a member of Sheen’s camp pointed out, "there's limited resources we have to impact the situation."

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Last week, discussions over several days with Burg and Koules centered around Sheen’s weight, with the actor appearing to have lost pounds. There were concerns how he might look on film, and a meeting ensued about that.  

“Other than he looks skinny, it was normal,” said the executive.

With all the attention focused on Sheen at the moment, senior executives from the studios plan to be at the taping of the show on Friday.