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Charlize Theron Beats a Man With Her Stiletto in New ‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer (Video)

Action film is shaping up to be one of the year’s most anticipated genre titles

Charlize Theron continues her reign as action movie heroine, kicking major ass in a second trailer for “Atomic Blonde.”

“I chose this life,” she says at the top of the preview. “And someday, it’s going to get me killed.”

After slaying a bunch of men in a fancy hotel room, she pours herself a drink and says, “but not today.”

The whole trailer is full of brutal, visceral action set to an acidic ’80s playlist of Depeche Mode with the occasional Kanye West mashup. Theron’s love interest, “The Mummy’s” Sofia Boutella, also makes a heated appearance in the trailer.

“So you made contact with the French operative,” she is asked.

“Obviously,” Theron replies, after a sequence of a steamy sex scene flashes across the scene between her and Boutella.

The Cold War-set action film sees Theron as a British spy in Germany just five days before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

At CinemaCon, where the trailer first debuted, the actress talked the consequences of her gritty, hand-to-hand combat sequences.

“You cracked your teeth, didn’t you?” panel host Natalie Morales asked Theron.

“Atomic Blonde” opens July 28.

Watch the new trailer above.