Chelsea Handler: Donald Trump Is ‘Not a Real Person’ (Video)

Comedian says Trump’s election was “worse than even the worst breakup I’ve ever had”

Chelsea Handler once again spoke out about her feelings towards president-elect Donald Trump, this time saying that “he’s not a real person.”

“I understand if you don’t like Hillary,” the comedian said to Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” Thursday. “I get that. I totally get it, but forget about if you like her or not. Look at what she’s done. Then you need to get behind that woman whether you like her or not. You get behind somebody that’s done the job versus some guy who… I mean I can’t even discuss him in real terms. He’s not a real person. He takes advantage of everyone around him.”

On “The Daily Show,” she also talked about the moment she started crying on her show, “Chelsea,” one day after Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States.

“I wasn’t thinking anything,” Handler told Noah. “I was just like, ‘How I’m gonna get though this without crying on TV?’ And then I did cry on TV, and you know what? Good. I’m glad I cried. I was really upset.”

In fact, Handler, who was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter throughout the 2016 election, admitted that the morning after the election was the worst feeling she’s ever had.

“Honestly, I got up that day and I was so upset. It was the worst feeling I think I’ve ever felt,” she said. “It was worse than even the worst breakup I’ve ever had.”

Watch the video above.