Cheryl Cole, Complete Brat, Joins U.S. ‘X Factor’

Cowell, Cole play up their tendency to spat

British pop star Cheryl Cole will join Antonio "L.A." Reid and Simon Cowell as a judge on Cowell's "The X Factor," rejoining him after judging on the U.K. version of the show for three years.

The show will name just one more judge, to be announced soon. Cole has been seen as a likely addition to the American show for months.

In statements, Cole and Cowell played up their propensity to spat.

"I just can’t decide whether I am more excited to find and nurture the talent or for the unbelievable amount of amusement and entertainment I will have watching Simon doing everything and anything he can to beat me," Cole said. "He’s tried to beat me for three years in the U.K., and hasn’t even come close. His ego must be so bruised. America is gonna love this.”

Cowell described Cole, a member of the U.K.'s Girls Aloud, as "a complete brat!"

"Most importantly, this girl can spot talent,” he added.

Got that, America? Part of the fun of the show is Cowell and Cole arguing. So get excited for that. "X Factor" debuts in the fall.