Trevor Noah Gets Chris Christie to Dish on Presidential Campaign and Mock Donald Trump (Video)

GOP candidate’s plan to get his poll numbers up is “coming on the first week of ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah'”

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah was reunited with Chris Christie on Wednesday and revealed that the New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate was one of the first people to congratulate him on scoring “The Daily Show” gig.

The new host then jumped straight into Christie’s comments at the last GOP debate about how non-Americans shouldn’t overstay their visas after coming to the U.S.

“I felt like you were talking to me personally,” the South African comedian told him. “But I don’t understand the bio-metics.”

Christie explained that we should be able to track people who come into the country for a particular amount of time. “Give a thumbprint when you come in, it goes into a database,” he said.

Noah marveled at just how much money this grand plan would cost, at an estimated $7 billion just to overhaul airports with scanners.

“It’s a lot less expensive than a 2,000-mile wall across the southern boarder, how about that?” Christie replied, making a dig at presidential rival Donald Trump.

Noah then asked the question on every American’s minds regarding the marathon Republican debates: “Why were they so long?”

“Because there are so many of us up there!” Christie responded. “I was up there for three hours two weeks ago and I got to speak a total of 10 minutes,” and for the rest of the time he was pulling puzzled faces.

Christie finally got the chance to dish on his presidential campaign plan, including increasing the retirement age, curbing social security checks and having to work with Democrats.

“The biggest obstacle you face right now is getting those poll numbers up, what is your plan to get those numbers up?” Noah bluntly asked.

The answer for once was simple: “Coming on the first week of ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,’” Christie said.

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” airs at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.