Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Commentary on ‘Oriental’ Salad Dressing Sparks Racial Debate

“I really appreciate all the non-Asians telling me what is offensive to Asians, though. Thank you. Writing it all down,” model tweets

chrissy teigen

The public is once again taking interest in Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter activity, which sparked a debate this week about whether or not the term “oriental” is offensive.

It all started when the 30-year-old model tweeted about the “oriental dressing” option on her flight.

Teigen, who herself is half Thai, dug a little hole for herself when a user asked her if she thought the term “oriental” was offensive.

But that hole got deeper and deeper as she tried to clarify her comments, adding she wasn’t personally offended by the term but that she does recognize that the ignorant term is outdated.

But when someone tweeted that “oriental” was an adjective for merchandise but was offensive when describing people, Teigen responded, “So many people writing me this but no, it is not. Lol. This is a new, made up definition I guess.”

And come Tuesday morning, Teigen was still defending herself against trolls. While Teigen was saying the term wouldn’t offend her, many Twitter users shot back that she wasn’t realizing that it might be considered offensive to many others.

Teigen shot back to Twitter haters by writing, “I think our miscommunication here is the fact we have different definitions of the word ‘offensive.’”

Many also rushed to the model’s defense, writing, “THIS is what everyone’s falling over themselves over?! Ok children.”

Teigen is known to be extremely vocal on social media. In March, she raged at VH1 for calling her a “hypocrite.”

Before that, she made headlines for calling Donald Trump a “twat” on Twitter, teamed up with John Legend to troll Piers Morgan on Twitter after he commented about Muhammad Ali’s death, and also engaged in a full-scale Twitter feud with one particular user after expressing her support for Planned Parenthood following a deadly shooting in Colorado.