CNN Cancels Georgia Debate After Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Balk

CNN, which has already aired eight debates, opts to cancel its March 1 debate in Georgia after Mitt Romney and Ron Paul pull out

CNN has canceled its Georgia debate set for March 1 after Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, two of the four remaining GOP presidential candidates, said they would not participate.

"Without full participation of all four candidates, CNN will not move forward with the Super Tuesday debate," CNN said in a statement.

Sarah Boxer of CBS and the National Journal broke the news that Romney was not going to participate. A spokesperson for the candidate said the former Massachusetts governor would be busy campagining across the country.

Both CNN and MSNBC have now canceled debates that were set to air just before March 6, which is Super Tuesday. Ten states will hold primaries that day. Georgia has the most delegates at stake on that date, but Massachusetts, Ohio and Oklahoma will host contests as well.

For those who have enjoyed every second of the season's 20 debates, fear not. CNN will still air its debate from Arizona on Feb. 22, and PBS is still planning a debate for March 19 in Portland.

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