CNN’s Kayleigh McEnany Apologizes for False Obama Slam

Reporter mixed up Daniel Pearl with James Foley on Monday, which led to error

Kayleigh McEnany

CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany apologized on Twitter Tuesday for falsely claiming that President Barack Obama “rushed off to a golf game” after the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

Terrorists in Pakistan beheaded Pearl, who worked for the Wall Street Journal, in 2002. Obama was a state senator in Illinois at the time.


“You have President Obama, who after the, I believe it was the beheading of Daniel Pearl, spoke to how upset he was about that, then rushed off to a golf game,” McEnany said during a CNN appearance on Monday. “I think when we’re in a state of war, when we’re in a state of mourning, you should take time off from the golf course.”

McEnany addressed the error via Twitter early Tuesday, writing: “I apologize for using the wrong name. Both James Foley and Daniel Pearl lost their lives to terrorism & should be honored by our leaders.”

Foley was an American war correspondent, who was beheaded by ISIS in Syria in 2014.

In fairness to McEnany, Obama did play golf after issuing his statement about Foley and eventually admitted it was a mistake.