CNN Reports Michael Brown’s Shooter Is Resigning From Ferguson Police Force

Anderson Cooper reports officer Darren Wilson is negotiations his resignation from Ferguson police force regardless of grand jury decision

CNN reported the most polarizing police officer in America–Darren Wilson–is in final stages of negotiating his resignation from the Ferguson police force Thursday night.

This report comes amidst other media reports that the grand jury in the case will make its decision Friday on whether to indict the officer for the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, 2014.

Justice correspondent Evan Perez told Cooper Wilson is resigning for the betterment of the police force and the community–not because he thinks he’s at fault for the shooting and killing of Brown.

Attorneys on as guests with Cooper said it was surprising Wilson would resign, because an officer fighting murder charges resigning from the police force could appear like he’s “admitting guilt,” Paul Callan said.

As TheWrap has previously analyzed, the media coverage of the Ferguson chaos and initial altercation between Wilson and Brown has become as polarized as cable news political coverage, with liberal outlets setting their heels in with support for Brown and conservative outlets supporting Wilson.

Once the grand jury decision comes down–possibly today–expect wall-to-wall media coverage, possibly into next week.


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