CNN’s Chris Cuomo Grills Anti-Transgender Activist With Giant Rainbow Backdrop (Video)

Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg bashes the LGBT community with an ironic backdrop

Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg feels the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should not protect transgender people because it was not the “legislative intent of Congress.” So when Sprigg went on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday morning, his backdrop was a giant rainbow.

“New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo confronted Sprigg about his thoughts on a law forcing transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. The rainbow backdrop appeared behind Sprigg from the moment the conversation began, as first reported by Raw Story.

“When you see someone who is obviously a man,” Sprigg said with the rainbow bordering his monitor, “regardless of whether they’re wearing a dress or not, I think a woman in a restroom where she only expect to be with women or a girl who expects to be with girls has a right to feel uncomfortable about that.”

Cuomo told him that he’s “creating the problem, you’re not solving it.”

Covering LGBT issues is not new to “New Day” or Cuomo; he has conducted several powerful interviews on the topic. Cuomo has defended the LGBT community several times, including in a heated exchange with an Indiana conservative last year.

Check out the entire segment above.