Colbert on ‘Who Needs a Raise When You Have TV?’ Column: ‘You’re Welcome, Middle Class’ (Video)

“I’ve always known that watching me is a form of currency,” the host joked

Stephen Colbert had some grim news for the middle class on Tuesday’s “Colbert Report.”

“So income hasn’t changed since the 80s. Neither has a lot of things — just look at Rob Lowe,” the host joked.

Plus, the newly opening Washington, D.C., branch of Walmart has received over 23,000 applications for just 600 jobs, Colbert reported, making it more selective than Yale.

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But things aren’t all bad!

“Forget what the president says, forget what the numbers say, forget what your bank statement says,” the host continued. “Americans are doing better than ever. That’s the message of a new Bloomberg news column by Virginia Postrel called ‘Who Needs a Raise When You Have TV?'”

Apparently, Postrel argues that the wealth of content television provides — in addition to the variety of viewing platforms — has increased the standard of living for the middle class in a way that normal wages cannot match.

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“You’re welcome, middle class,” Colbert said.

“I’ve always known that watching me is a form of currency.”

Of course, Colbert wouldn’t be Colbert if his tongue wasn’t firmly in cheek. Watch Tuesday’s “The Word” to see how the host really felt about Postrel’s position.