Stephen Colbert: When Joe Biden Stripped SOTU of ‘All Dignity’ (Video)

Colbert recreates the speech’s goofy background point-and-grin from the Veep

Stephen Colbert has pinpointed the exact moment Vice President Joe Biden stripped the State of the Union address “of all dignity.”

Colbert recounted on Wednesday how “riveted” he was to the prior night’s State of the Union Address: “In that I had surgeons rivet my eyelids open to make me watch it,” he said.

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He noted that President Obama called for 2014 to be “a year of action” in his speech.

“What better way to start a year of action than with an hour of talking,” Colbert said.

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Later in the speech, according to the “Colbert Report” host, Vice President Joe Biden did in the speech with a point-and-smile to someone in the audience. Beltway gossip suggests that the veep was sharing a moment with a man he met in an airport Chili’s the night before, Colbert said.

Watch the clip: