Comedian Gary Gulman on Mining Humor From His Depression Battle in Stand-up Special ‘The Great Depresh’ | Video

”I’ve been working with this new thing called confidence, which I never had,“ comedian says

When Gary Gulman says he’s never been better, he means it. The comedian is hitting a stride with his first stand-up special for HBO called “The Great Depresh,” not to mention a cameo role in the film “Joker” opening this weekend.

But his real achievement was overcoming severe depression, trips to the psychiatric ward and suicidal tendencies that followed him for years. With “The Great Depresh,” the comedian is still making jokes about grade school water fountains, vocabulary and why he loves millennials, but he’s doing it from a place of vulnerability and openness about his depression he’s never shown on stage before.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk