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Comic-Con Highlights: From ‘Avatar’ to Zombies

”Iron Man“ returns, Sony brings death & destruction, Cameron & Jackson saddened by state of film industry, ”Beauty and the Beast 3D,“ ”Avatar“ and ”Twilight“ previews, lots more.

Scenes From Comic-Con (Slideshow)


Favreau: Fans Have Been Punished by Studios

The director and his stars open up on "Iron Man 2"


Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man 2’ Fakeout

In which Robert Downey Jr.’s one-liners — and an absent Mickey Rourke — steal the show.


Death! Destruction! Zombies!

Sony rolls out "Zombieland" and Roland Emmerich’s big-budget film of the apocalypse, "2012."


MacFarlane, from "Family Guy" to "Star Wars"

Plus, a preview of his upcoming Fox toon, "The Cleveland Show."


Jackson, Cameron Sadded by State of Film Industry

Worry about "depression," announce plans for 3D versions of "Titanic," "Lord of the Rings."


First ‘The Hobbit,’ Then ‘District 9’

Peter Jackson addresses the elephant in the room, then previews his new low-budget, alien-filled producing project.


Angels With Machine Guns

In "Legion," bees, explosions and winged evil angels that come as part of the apocalypse. 


An Oscar-Nominated Short Gets Big

Elijah Wood, Tim Burton and Jennifer Connelly join Shane Acker in a preview of  his CGI feature, "9."


A Slew of Disney Re-Do’s in 3D

"Beauty and the Beast," "Toy Story" are on tap; plus, the presentation includes clips from the new "Princess and the Frog," "Ponyo."


Megan Fox, Sans Robots

At Diablo Cody’s "Jennifer’s Body," the actress was "having fun with it … making fun of my own image, and who some people might perceive Megan Fox to be."     

Of Gilliam, Ledger and, at Last, Don Quixote   

Gilliam’s "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" got its first stateside preview to an audience eager to catch a glimpse of Heath Ledger’s final performance.     


‘Avatar Day': a Worldwide 3D, IMAX Preview  

The director announced a massive marketing ploy, along with a 24-minute preview of his highly anticipated, and secretive, film.     


Fangs, Chests Bared for ‘Twilight’   

After camping outside all night to catch a glimpse of Edward and Bella in person, the rabid crowd shrieked as the stars took the stage for a panel discussion and a pair of clips.   

Zemeckis, Burton and (Surprise!) Depp Talk 3D

Kicking off the convention’s first event of the convention, Comic-Con’s first ever spools of 3D footage unspooled.


Also from Comic-Con:


On Friday, Warner Bros. kicked things off with a panel for its upcoming films. On display: the Josh Brolin-Megan Fox adaptation of "Jonah Hex," "Where The Wild Things Are," "The Book of Eli," "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Box." Robert Downey Jr. took the stage, along with co-star Rachel McAdams, for the "Sherlock Holmes" presentation and talked about the challenges as an actor…and of this role specifically. "I don’t think anything can be too challenging," he said. "I have an illness of too much confidence. The challenging thing was the controlled chaos of the set."