Comic-Con: Spielberg on Track for ‘Jurassic Park 4’, Peter Jackson on ‘Hobbit’ Break

Summit on groundbreaking comic-book adaptation brings together two film giants

Legendary director Steven Spielberg said on Friday he's on track to make a fourth in his "Jurassic Park" blockbuster series.

"We have a script," he told a cheering crowd in the massive Hall H at this year's Comic-Con convention.

He was there to promote the upcoming film "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn," and his collaborator, producer-director Peter Jackson, was a surprise arrival. (He was on a filming break from "The Hobbit," which he said has another 200 days before it wraps.)

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Spielberg said he was working on a Jurassic script with his partners and expected a new "Jurassic Park" would be out in "two to three years."

It’s been 10 years since the last “Jurassic Park,” the third in the series.

That movie took in $365 million in worldwide box office.

The first film in 1993 was the first time audiences got to see computer graphic characters generated on a huge screen, in this case dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, the panel with Jackson showed the latest in motion-capture techology, with clips of "Tintin." The main character, a Belgian journalist who gets involved in all kinds of life-risking adventures, is voiced by Jamie Bell.

Spielberg noted that he hadn't been aware of the classic Tintin comic books until he saw a review of his movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" comparing the Indiana Jones film to the Georges Remi books.

"I don't read French, but I didn't need to read the words, I could see the commonality," Spielberg said.

The director also talked about casting big names such as Daniel Craig in a movie that applies performance-capture technology and thus, strictly speaking, doesn't literally feature the actors.

"As with casting all movies, you find the best actor for the part," Spielberg said. "You don't identify Daniel Craig, you won't see his face, but you will see every nuance of his performance through the thin digital skin that [special-effects company] Weta created."

Spielberg was joined by "Hobbit" director Peter Jackson, who flew into town from filming "The Hobbit" to discuss the movie, which he produced. Unlike Spielberg, Jackson grew up as a fan of the books.

"I was a huge Tintin fan, and I was looking forward to Steven's Tintin movie. I was kind of looking forward to it for a quarter-century," Jackson said.

During the question and answer, a fan stood up wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the message that he really hoped to meet Steven Spielberg and shake his hand. So the director obliged (see photo)

Before discussing his latest big-screen venture, the fabled director was bestowed an award for his esteemed catalog of work.

"We're all in the same world together; let's keep working together," Spielberg said while thanking the audience and clutching the trophy.

He's also grown to be a fan of his collaborator. "Working with Steven's been pretty amazing." Jackson cracked. "I think he shows real promise, and if he decides to stick with filmmaking he could really go places."