Comic-Con: ‘Terra Nova’ Producer — ‘We’ll Satisfy Your Bloodlust’

Producers of Steven Spielberg’s new TV dinosaur drama promise carnage — and a spectacle to justify the series’ sky-high costs

Last Updated: July 23, 2011 @ 4:38 PM

Rest assured — when Fox premieres the pricey time-travel drama "Terra Nova" on Sept. 26, there will be carnage.

Series star Stephen Lang, along with executive producers René Echevarria and Brannon Braga, were on hand at Comic-Con on Saturday to promote the upcoming series.

They made it abundantly clear — the dinosaurs that populate the program definitely have a taste for humans.

"We'll satisfy your bloodlust," Echevarria chimed in.

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The panel was preceded by a screening of the pilot episode, about a family from the future that travels back to prehistoric times to escape a dying planet by joining a colony of humans led by Lang. The series, which is co-executive produced by Steven Spielberg, has been plagued by a ballooning budget, and the panel addressed that, too, claiming the money spent will be evident on the screen — and that "it's gonna look badass."

Asked about the difficulties of acting against CGI prehistoric lizards, Lang noted that it wasn't any more difficult than performing with the creatures of "Avatar."

"It just requires focus and imagination and really specific guidance from the director," Lang noted.

It most likely helps that, as Echevarria noted, the show enlisted the aid of Spielberg's paleontology adviser Jack Horner in crafting the beasts.

Overall, Braga said during the brief panel, the series hopes to be "aspirational, humanistic, dangerous and filled with adventure."