Comic-Con: ‘Torchwood’ Panelists Talk Leathers, Fake Accents

John Barrowman very open to dropping in on the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" star John Barrowman said the series almost didn't return after its third installment — but that he was insistent it should.

"You'd have to be stupid not to bring it back," Barrowman said Friday at a Comic-Con panel about the fourth installment of "Torchwood," the British-based sci-fi drama that left off with the miniseries "Torchwood: Children of the Earth."

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The latest series arrived stateside on Starz on July 8, and finds Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness and Eve Myles' agent Gwen Cooper, investigating a mysterious phenomenon that makes people suddenly stop dying.

Myles said slipping back into the role was as easy as slipping into the leather jacket she sported in past seasons of the show.

"It's so easy to slip back into Cooper's leathers; they're always so comfortable, and super-warm and sexy," Myles said. "In fact, its quite difficult to get me out of them at the end of the day. I come home and just kind of sit in them."

Actors Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins and Bill Pullman were also on hand to hint about upcoming surprises on the show — including Myles' Cooper, who is British, trying out an American accent. Asked to give the audience a preview, Myles delivered a short, nasally sample.

"She sounds a bit 'Jersey Shore,' but that's alright," critiqued Barrowman.

Barrowman also said he would be quite enthusiastic about Harkness turning up for a 50th anniversary episode iof "Doctor Who" in 2013. "Torchwood" is a spin-off from the sci-fi classic — and its name is an anagram of "Doctor Who."

"'Torchwood' and Captain Jack were born from the Mother Ship, as I call 'Doctor Who.' I think it would be great, and I think it would be disappointing not to have a character like Captain Jack in the 50th anniversary of the show," Barrowman said. "So yeah, I'm totally up for it. I love playing Jack, and whether it's on 'Torchwood' or on 'Doctor Who,' it's the best coat I could put on."

"Miracle Day" head writer Jane Espenson told fans to expect a challenging, complex experience from the series.

"Look for a little more flexibility in the timeline, look for some romance, look for more darkness, and look for some losses," Espenson said. "Think of the big picture while watching this … There's a lot in there. Think hard about what we're doing, because we thought hard about it while we were writing it."