Conan O’Brien Celebrates 25th Anniversary on Late Night, Prepares Launch of 4,000-Episode Digital Archive (Video)

Conan’s catalog will get its own website in January

Conan First Episode Archive

Thursday is a day for hardcore “Cone Bone” fans to celebrate, with Conan O’Brien announcing that a digital archive of his entire late night history is set to launch in the year 2000 — err, 2019.

O’Brien made the announcement in a brief YouTube clip, letting fans know his catalog of more than 4,000 shows, spanning his time at NBC and TBS, will be released in January. A person familiar with the project told TheWrap the shows won’t just be on YouTube, but will be featured on their own standalone site.

That means longtime Conan fans will be able to watch every classic bit — from “The Walker Texas Ranger Lever” to “In The Year 2000” to his hilarious trip to Finland, after realizing he closely resembled Finnish President Tarja Halonen. At 31 years old, Conan made his debut as the youngest host in late night and has since become the elder statesman of the medium.

“Twenty-five years ago today, I made my first late night show, and since then I’ve taped over 4,000 episodes – nine of which I’m told are quite good,” Conan joked.

And to commemorate his 25th anniversary, Conan shared his first episode of “Late Night” on YouTube. His first guests: John Goodman and Drew Barrymore. You can check it out below if you like: