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Conan: Obama Without His TelePrompTer Is Like, Well, This (Video)

Obama's stolen TelePrompTer has been recovered, and Conan O'Brien shows why continuing without it could have been, um, awkward

Mock President Obama for his TelePrompTer use all you want — and political pundits certainly do — but as Conan O'Brien illustrated with some clever editing on "Conan," it's best for everyone that the TelePrompTer stays in the picture.

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Watch Coco's clip:


Fortunately, the stolen van that carried Obama's TelePrompTer, along with $200,000 worth of audio equipment and presidential seals that are placed on the president's lectern, were recovered on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The van had been stolen from a Courtyard Marriott near Richmond and was recovered at a Holiday Inn Express near the Richmond airport.

A Defense Information Systems Agency spokeswomen confirmed the van had been recovered and said the investigation into who stole it is ongoing.

At least we know the thief's hotel preference.