Cruz Wins Wyoming Caucuses, Rubio Takes Washington, DC

Saturday caucuses are prelude to major GOP primaries on Tuesday in Ohio, Florida and Illinois

Sen. Ted Cruz won nearly two-thirds of the vote in the Wyoming caucuses on Saturday, adding nine delegates in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, the Associated Press reported.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio earned 19.5 percent of the vote, while Donald Trump claimed 7.2 percent — each picked up a single delegate.

Meanwhile, Rubio narrowly edged out John Kasich in the GOP primary in Washington, D.C., taking 37.3 percent of the votes to the Ohio governor’s 35.5 percent.

Rubio will pick up 10 delegates, while Kasich adds nine.

This Tuesday will be a crucial test for Rubio and Kasich as they seek to win some states and eat into Trump’s commanding lead in delegates.

Many pundits expect Marco Rubio and John Kasish to drop out of the race if they don’t carry their respective home states of Florida and Ohio — where all of the delegates will go to the top vote-getter.

In addition, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina will also be holding primaries on Tuesday.