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Current TV’s David Bohrman: Fox News Is the New Mainstream

The new president of the network says he was outed as a liberal by joining Current but that his politics did not affect his job while at CNN.

Fox News has always seen itself as a counterweight to the "liberal" mainstream media, but Current TV's new president, David Bohrman, says that Fox has become the mainstream and that Current has to be a counterpoint to Roger Ailes' cable news empire.

Appearing on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday — a studio he knows well from his days at the network — Bohrman said Current will try to be a counterpoint to Roger Ailes' cable news behemoth,

"In an odd way, what Roger Alies started to do 15 years ago when he built Fox New Channel, he wanted to barge into a media environment he saw as liberal," Bohrman said.

"Well Fox is now the mainstream. It tells a lot of people what to think."

But isn't MSNBC trying to do the same thing? Not according to Bohrman.

"MSNBC trots it out a little bit at night," Bohrman said of MSNBC's liberal content. "Most of the day, 20 hours a day it’s the NBC news network. The one trap even at night we see at MSNBC and even at CNN as well, there is almost this false equivalency where everything is a minute on this opinion and a minute on counter opinion."

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Bohrman admitted that in joining Current, which he said would not hide behind the term "progressive," he had been "outed" as a liberal. However, he said his politics never interfered with his job at CNN, where he and his show hosts never had any idea of one another's politics.

"Wolf [Blitzer] and I did everything in the '08 election," he told host Howard Kurtz. "I have no idea how Wolf felt. I don’t think he had any idea of my politics."

Here's the video: