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‘Daily Show’ Mocks Zuccotti Park Class Divisions

Samantha Bee looks at a park divided

"The Daily Show" suggested Wednesday that Occupy Wall Street's ejection from Zuccotti Park came not a moment too soon — because the protesters had already divided themselves into "uptown elitists and downtown poors."

Demonstrators began gathering two months ago to protest economic inequality. But correspondent Samantha Bee opined that "as it dragged on, the movement had been in danger of becoming the very thing it was fighting against."

In other words, she reported, Zuccotti became a park divided: One side held iPad-toting hipsters with bike-powered espresso machines and a library. The other was home to "the downwardly mobile, with their drum circles."

This is the part where we remind you that it's easy to create a fake trend story by interviewing a small number of people and editing their most outrageous comments together, the way this commercial makes it appear OWS is filled with anti-Semites.

But still, ouch.

Watch the video: