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‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump Is a ‘Genius’ for Skipping Fox Debate (Video)

”Once again, Donald Trump has won the only fight that matters to him — the fight for attention,“ comedian says

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump is “a complete genius” for skipping tonight’s GOP debate on Fox News.

“Once again, Donald Trump has won the only fight that matters to him — the fight for attention,” Noah said. “Taking part in one more debate wasn’t going to help Donald Trump get that much more press, but blowing one off? It’s like Deflategate crossed with a natural disaster crossed with a celebrity sex tape.”

“I’m telling you, Donald Trump is really one of the greatest of all time,” Noah added before proving Trump’s flare for showmanship by reading his press release announcing his decision to skip the debate.

According to Noah, Trump’s dispute with Fox News is a control issue.

“This is a man usually so in control that each morning, he manages to successfully wind one extra long, upper-back hair around his head 4,000 times and keep it in place perfectly,” Noah said. “That is control.”

Despite Trump’s recent comments that Fox News’ recent PR statement was the true reason why he was skipping the debate, Noah blamed it on his beef with Megyn Kelly.

Noah called “The Kelly File” host one of the most “fearsome” anchors on TV before playing a montage of Trump insulting Kelly in various interviews.

Noah responded by saying he won’t call Trump an “asshole” because he’s “constrained by political correctness” before questioning why he’s so afraid of Kelly anyway.

Watch the video below.