Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy Face Deadly Time Loop in Trailer for Thriller Game ‘Twelve Minutes’ (Video)

From Annapurna Interactive, “Twelve Minutes” will be available for PC and Xbox

Annapurna Interactive’s latest video game will feature voice acting from several film stars including Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy and “Star Wars” heroine Daisy Ridley.

The game is titled “Twelve Minutes,” and asks the player to solve a mystery of a home invasion while playing as a man stuck in a time loop reliving the same twelve minutes. Ridley plays the game’s female character (simply called The Woman), while McAvoy voices her male counterpart and Dafoe plays the intruder.

“Twelve Minutes” is written by Steve Lerner and Luis Antonio, who also directs. The game is Antonio’s directorial debut — he previously worked as a senior 3D artist for BAFTA Games award-winning video game “The Witness” and served as an art director at Ubisoft and 3D artist at Rockstar Games.

“I’m thrilled to have this incredibly talented cast bring the nuanced and complex characters of Twelve Minutes to life,” Antonio said in a statement. “This experience blends the genres of film and games, and these extraordinary actors are perfect for the challenge of delivering a new type of entertainment.”

“Twelve Minutes” doesn’t have a set release date, but Annapurna told TheWrap it will be available on PC and the Xbox Series X and Xbox One as a console launch exclusive. Annapurna Interactive has produced ten video games since it was founded in 2016, and has another six titles in production including “Twelve Minutes.” Its award-winning games produced alongside independent game developers include “Outer Wilds” and “What Remains of Edith Finch.”

Check out the “Twelve Minutes” trailer at the top of the page, or below.


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