‘Dallas’ Fans Express Shock, Grief and Disbelief Over Season Finale Death of Jesse Metcalfe

Viewers of the TNT series take to Twitter after watching stunning developments Monday night


When TNT began teasing that a lead character would die on the season 3 finale of “Dallas,” there was always a chance that the chosen Ewing could be a minor character who wouldn’t mess with ongoing dramatic tensions amongst the group.

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Fortunately, the network pulled no punches and apparently killed off Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe), whose rivalry with John Ross (Josh Henderson) has been the centerpiece of the show since its beginning. With Christopher being shown, on screen, as he blew up inside his car, his death seems pretty set in stone.

Fans were left in a state of shock and awe, with a dash of denial, and naturally took to Twitter to voice their reactions.