‘Dark Knight Rises’ in Action: Brawl Scene Leaked to Web (Video)

Christian Bale and Tom Hardy as bad guy Bane scuffle on the steps in a scene shot on the streets of Pittsburgh

Who would have thought an action-packed fight scene could be so… boring?

The batman leakage continues with stop-and-start fight scene footage from the “Dark Knight Rises” set, captured by WPIX in Pittsburgh.

The Christopher Nolan-directed scene features Christian Bale and "Inception" actor Tom Hardy as bad guy Bane, duking it out amid snow flurries and mass altercations between the Gotham City Police and inmates of the Arkham Asylum.

For those unfamiliar with comic-book lore, Bane developed a bad attitude in the penal system of the fictitious Caribbean republic Santa Prisca, and derives his superhuman strength from an experimental drug called Venom.

The brawl scene is only the latest in a barrage of images and clips released from the Pittsburgh-based set, including Anne Hathaway’s slinky catwoman get-up and several Tumblers (real-life batmobiles), captured driving around the Carnegie Mellon campus.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is in theaters July 20, 2012.