Dave Chappelle Slammed by Hartford Mayor: ‘Quit Whining’

Connecticut politician lashes out after Dave Chappelle trashes his town

Hartford, Conn., mayor Pedro Segarra has a message for Dave Chappelle: Get over yourself.

Reacting to comedian Chappelle’s trash-talk of his city, Segarra tweeted this morning that the funnyman — who slammed Hartford after getting booed during a show — should “quit whining.”

Oh, and he also said that Chappelle should focus on what he’s paid to do. And maybe take up some meditative exercise to control his anger.

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Dave Chappelle should quit whining, do his job and try some yoga,” Segarra said, adding the hashtag, “#HartfordHasIt.”

Dave Chappelle should quit whining, do his job and try some yoga. #HartfordHasIt P.E.S.

— Mayor Pedro Segarra (@HartfordMayor) September 5, 2013

TMZ reports that Chappelle trashed Hartford during a show in Chicago on Tuesday night, saying, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States, but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut.”

He also characterized the crowd at the Hartford show as “young, white alcoholics,” adding that he “wanted to pull, like, a reverse Kramer — just call them a bunch of crackers or something crazy like that.”

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Chappelle was booed throughout his stand-up set in Hartford last week, and told the crowd that he would only remain onstage until his contractual obligations were filled so that he could get paid for the gig.

“Tonight my contract says 25 minutes, and I have 3 minutes left. And when my 3 minutes is up, my ass is gone.”

When his time was up, an exasperated Chappelle said, “That was the longest half-an-hour. Not since my fucking son was born, was a 30 minutes that long.”