Is Dave Chappelle Planning a New TV Show?

The reclusive former Comedy Central star may be contemplating a series for a subscription service

Comedian Dave Chappelle, whose popular Comedy Central sketch show came unravelled in 2005 due to the star's rejection of the spotlight, may be working on a follow-up, reports The Daily.

Gossip-monger Richard Johnson cites a source who says the reclusive Chappelle has been contemplating a return and may be shopping it to a paid subscription service.

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A rep for Chappelle did not immediately return a call for comment Thursday.

Chappelle famously left his highly rated series "Chappelle's Show" during the third season citing burnout and creative differences. He never returned, eating the roughly $50 million left on his contract in the process.

But now — potentially — he's back. (We'll let Rick James finish that line.)

Should Chappelle choose not to go to a network, he has several options.

Netflix recently ponied up $100 million for two full seasons of David Fincher's "House of Cards," which will star Kevin Spacey.

Sony's Crackle service has also streamed short, original content, including the crime drama "The Bannen Way" and sci-fi series "Trenches."

And Hulu launched the animated comedy "Trailer Trash" in March as well as "The Confession," a thriller from Kiefer Sutherland.