David Guillod Resigns as Co-CEO of Primary Wave Following Sexual Assault Accusations

“Primary Wave Entertainment and David Guillod have agreed to part ways effective immediately,” executive team says of “Atomic Blonde” producer

David Guillod
David Guillod, who has stepped down as co-CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment

Hollywood manager and “Atomic Blonde” producer David Guillod has resigned from his company, Primary Wave Entertainment, two days after “Ted” actress Jessica Barth told TheWrap he drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2012.

“Primary Wave Entertainment and David Guillod have agreed to part ways effective immediately, David Guillod has resigned from the company,” the executive team at Primary Wave said in a statement Saturday.

A person close to the situation said the executive team wanted Guillod to step down, and that he agreed it would be best for the company.

“If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Your voice matters. You are the evidence. You are enough. His resignation is another step on the path leading to justice,” Barth told TheWrap. “Continue to speak your truth. This is just the beginning.”

As first reported by TheWrap, Barth approached the LADP on Thursday to revive accusations that Guillod, her then-manager, drugged and sexually assaulted her after inviting her to a dinner in May 2012. She went to police at the time, but said she did not go forward with the case because Guillod threatened to sue her.

She decided to try to bring charges Thursday after another woman reached out to her to say that she believed Guillod had also drugged and assaulted her. Barth now wants police to prosecute.

Guillod’s attorney said Thursday that Barth’s accusations were “fully investigated” by the LAPD in 2012 and that witnesses “completely contradicted” her account.

Barth said that she knew of no witnesses who contradicted her, and said her then-boyfriend and now-husband,  Danny Cusumano, corroborated her version of events. He also confirmed her account in a detailed interview with TheWrap on Thursday.

Primary Wave clients include Gina Rodriguez, Gabrielle Union and Emilio Estevez. Guillod has an executive producer credit on last summer’s Charlize Theron hit, “Atomic Blonde,” and the television shows “Loudermilk” and “Hit the Road.”

The person close to the situation told TheWrap that Primary Wave wanted the move to emphasize its commitment to a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment and abuse.

“They realized, reputationally, there’s nothing more important than integrity,” the person said. “We’re living in the age of Harvey [Weinstein] where people are re-looking at their lives and their pasts. The folks that are part of Primary Wave Entertainment don’t want any gray. … David himself took it on himself to realize he was going to harm the company and the people.”

The woman who contacted Barth reached out to her through her #WhoIsYourHarvey campaign, in which she encourages survivors to email the names of their accusers to WhoIsYourHarvey@gmail.com. The woman has declined to be identified.

Barth has previously come forward with an account of Harvey Weinstein propositioning her. Barth’s “Ted” and “Ted 2” director and co-star, Seth MacFarlane, has said his 2013 Oscars joke about Harvey Weinstein was inspired by Barth telling him about the encounter.