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David Letterman’s Drifter-Chic Retirement Look Shocks and Delights the Internet

Sight of bald, bearded former ”Late Show“ host creates buzz on social media

Even in retirement, David Letterman can’t help but grab the spotlight.

On Wednesday, photos surfaced of a virtually unrecognizable David Letterman, who retired from CBS’s “Late Show” last year, sporting a bald head and bushy beard as he took a power-walk on the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

Naturally, the Internet had a few things to say about it, with stunned commenters weighing in on the look after presumably prying their jaws off of their keyboards.

David Letterman‘s hair migrated south for the winter,” one social-media wisecracker offered.

“All David Letterman has done in retirement is make shine in the hills and powerwalk,” wrote another.

Naturally, Santa Claus wisecracks abounded, such as, “David Letterman accidentally killed Santa and is now slowly morphing into him like Tim Allen in ‘The Santa Clause.'”

Meanwhile, Sirius XM personality Todd Shapiro posted a particularly frightening image, featuring the face of Letterman’s former band leader Paul Shaffer posted on Letterman’s bald, bearded noggin.

Read on for a collection of choice reflections on Letterman’s bald dome.


Santa?(from Daily Mail)

Posted by Elite Daily on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When I go bald, I’m going to do the Letterman Retired Look. Seems reasonably appealing, while scaring off dogs and small children.Peace(LOL)

Posted by James K Logue on Wednesday, March 23, 2016