Millennium Acquires Psychological Horror ‘Dead Within’

The actors were isolated in a cabin during production so they could give real reactions to scares that came their way

A still from the upcoming horror film "Dead Within"
"Dead Within"

Millennium Entertainment has acquired the U.S. rights to director Ben Wagner‘s psychological horror film “Dead Within,” the company announced on Tuesday.

The film stars Amy Cale Peterson (“Southerbounder”) and Dean Chekvala (“True Blood”), who were locked inside a cabin for the duration of the production, and completely unaware of what scares would be thrown their way.

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“Dead Within,” written by Wagner, Peterson, Chekvala and Matthew Bradford, is set six months after a deadly outbreak has ended all of humanity, except two who remain isolated in the remote cabin. It will be released on all platforms some time this fall.

Wagner’s company 3:41am produced the horror, along with Aengus James and Colin King Miller’s This Is Just a Test Productions.

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ICM Partners negotiated the domestic and international deal for the filmmakers.