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Deadspin Spy Infiltrates ESPN Meeting

The irreverent sport blog plants someone in ESPN’s annual all-company meeting

Like almost all non-ESPN sports websites, Deadspin.com takes great pleasure in scooping its big rival, or at least ragging on it whenever it gets the chance.

Case and point: Thursday Deadspin planted a spy in ESPN's annual all-company meeting.

The irreverent sports blog posted a series of dispatches and photos from its man (or woman) on the inside.

The first reads, "I've already been spotted," but there are seven more where that came from, including: "I'm in the copy room right now I don't know what to do. This is like Luke in the Death Star."

The plant seems familiar with the on-air talent, such as former Minnesota Vikings receiver Cris Carter and fantasy sports guru Matthew Berry.

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However, he must not have read the ESPN oral history since he doesn't seem know much about Steve Andersen, an executive vice president who has been at the network since 1980. He also refers to another executive whom he simply refers to as "Brand guy." 

Does that means his last name is Brand, he works in branding, huh?

Whatever it is, kudos to Deadspin for sneaking its way in. And note the image on the screen — the little engine that could.

When is the last time anyone confused ESPN with something little?