Lindsay’s Trip to Jail Sets Web a-Twitter

“Oh, snap! RT @LANow Lindsay Lohan at same jail as member of ‘bling ring’ that robbed her home”

Lindsay Lohan jail“Lindsey Lohan” is a top trending topic on Twitter right now – probably thanks to adding on the tweets about misspelling her name to the tweets about her heading to jail Tuesday morning.

Tweets in several languages expressed everything from relief that Lohan is off the streets to schadenfreude that she's getting what she deserved.

LiLo herself tweeted at about 7 p.m. Monday night: “the only "bookings" that i'm familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i'd be "booking" into Jail… eeeks” (And it didn't take long for some prankster to set up a Twitter account in the name @LindsayInJail.)

Some comments on stories around the web compared Lohan to former drug user Drew Barrymore, while others called her “talentless” and worse.

Lindsay Lohan glitterBut as usual, Twitter had the most succinct verdicts:

@kpereira Dear whoever threw GLITTER on Lindsay Lohan as she walked into the courthouse today: you are AWESOME!!

@simonsam In jail: Lindsey Lohan Not in jail: Osama Bin Laden, George Bush, the Pope, Anyone from BP, you get the point…

@LeBronsElbow LeBron has been pissy all day and I didn't know why. Then I found out Lindsey Lohan turned herself in… he was a huge Parent Trap fan.

@LATimesFreshInk Oh, snap! RT @LANow Lindsay Lohan at same jail as member of 'bling ring' that robbed her home

@NilsAParker Lindsay Lohan goes to jail today, I hit green lights on my way to breakfast & my coffee was extra delicious. Thinking of playing the Lotto.

@macygrayslife Lindsay Lohan going to jail. The most talked about most photographed subject on international news today. This town needs an enema.

@spinnellii lindsey lohan going to jail…. Mean Girls Part 2: D-block will be released in 2 weeks.«Lol

@PhillyD Lindsay Lohan is now in jail and our streets are a little safer, less slutty, and overall not quite as fun as they used to be.

@Monnie_BM_CEO Who wuldve eva thought that disney channels old star Lindsey Lohan (The Parent Trap) wuldve become criminal behind bars n a crackhead lol

@metrosoundco i'm betting lindsay lohan's twin sister from the parent trap is actually the one going to jail today.

@amandaiven Lindsey Lohan is finally in jail! Happy 20th Birthday to my sister! Hope you like your present.

Lindsay Lohan guard@bbwraven Did they expect her to bite the guards? “@GossipCop UPDATE Lindsay Lohan "extremely cooperative" as she arrives @ jail”

@phoenixmilitia Entire police force making $70K a year 15 to 20 officers used for Lindsay Lohan jail appearance as California complains of budget problems

@slowtriathlete who cares of Lindsay Lohan goes to jail? seriously, does anybody really care??

@ashleykeri Today could be worse. I could be Lindsay Lohan. Sucks to be you gf.

@SoftButtCheeks Don't worry Lindsay Lohan! I'm coming to bust your sweet tits out of jail. I expect sexual favors when we hit the Mexican boarder.

@_Chanii If I am EVER borderline alcoholic please save me. don't let me become lindsay lohan.

And there was at least one of these: