‘Devil’s Due’ Baby Prank Scares the Hell Out of New York (Video)

A remote-controlled demon child warmed up unsuspecting strangers for the 20th Century Fox horror movie hitting theaters this weekend

New Yorkers weren’t only victims of extreme cold earlier this month, they were the victims of a terrifying promotional prank for the upcoming found-footage horror movie “Devil’s Due.”

“Devil Baby Attack,” a new video that launched on Tuesday, features an animatronic spawn of Satan rampaging through the snow-covered streets of NYC via a remote-controlled carriage.

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The creative stunt designed to scare up ticket sales at the box office this weekend was dreamed up by NYC-based viral marketing company Thinkmodo, which was also behind the hilarious hidden-camera “Carrie” café prank.

That prank, featuring a fake telekenetic wreaking havoc in public, has since scored over 52 million views on YouTube.

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20th Century Fox is releasing “Devil’s Due” — a new spin on an old premise audiences may remember from Roman Polanski’s horror classic “Rosemary’s Baby” — in theaters this weekend.