‘Diablo IV’ Launches YouTube Series With Chloe Grace Moretz Crafting Her Own Character (Exclusive Video)

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“Diablo Dungeon Crawl” will feature a rotating guest lineup

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Blizzard Entertainment is kicking off a new “Diablo 4”-themed gaming show on YouTube that’ll feature celebrities and other notable people taking a swing at “Diablo 4” with specially designed sets as the backdrop. Think of it as the professionally produced side of the YouTube “let’s play” format taken to the extreme, and TheWrap has an early look at the first episode.

It will be hosted by gamer and actor Khleo Thomas alongside a revolving lineup of special guests that will kick off with Chloe Grace Moretz. You can check out the series on the “Diablo” YouTube page.

Beyond celebs creating characters in and playing “Diablo,” there will be a “twist” each episode and a post-dungeon recap interview. There will also be a game developer on standby to help the talent along, should the need arise.

“Hosting Diablo Dungeon Crawl and battling through hordes of demons with Chloe, Anfernee and Marcus was so fun. Diablo’s always been the kind of game that is more fun with friends, even if you die three times in a row,” said Thomas. “Really excited for everyone to see it!”

The goal of the series is to show that not only is “Diablo” fun for more casual gamers, but that it can be enjoyed with company, since typically the action RPG is depicted as a solo gaming venture for hardcore genre fans.

“I’ve been a huge gamer ever since I was little so getting the opportunity to participate in Dungeon Crawl was a dream,” said Chloe Grace Moretz. “I love that I was able to geek out with my fellow gamers and immerse myself in the world of ‘Diablo IV’; it’s a side of me that not many people get to see.”

New episodes will premiere Tuesdays at 9 a.m. PT on the “Diablo” YouTube channel. On June 13, the guest of honor will be Chloe Grace Moretz, followed by Anfernee Simons on June 20 and Marcus Scribner on June 27.