Directors Guild Changes Nomination Date to Get Out of Oscar’s Way

On the heels of the Academy moving its nominations to Jan. 10, the DGA abandons that date for a Jan. 8 announcement

The Directors Guild of America has rescheduled the announcement of its feature-film nominations from Jan. 10 to Jan. 8 to avoid falling on the same day as the recently-moved Oscar nominations, a DGA spokeswoman told TheWrap on Tuesday.

The move is the first example of fallout from the Academy's announcement that its nominations will be revealed five days earlier than originally scheduled. The new Jan. 10 date put the Oscar nominations on the same day as the DGA feature-film nominations, which would likely have been buried by the publicity that surrounds the Oscar noms.

Within hours of the Academy's announcement, the DGA told to TheWrap that it had decided to alter its own schedule, moving its feature-film nominations to Tuesday, Jan. 8, and its television and commercial nominations to Wednesday, Jan. 9.

The TV and commercial noms were originally scheduled to have been announced on Jan. 11.

The move will also change the deadline for voting in those categories.

DGA documentary nominations will still be announced on Monday, Jan. 14.