No, DirecTV Did Not Drop One America News Network

Many DirecTV customers were up in arms Tuesday when the channel stopped playing on their TVs

One America News
One America News

DirecTV customers complained online Tuesday as One America News Network, the far-right cable channel promoted by President Donald Trump, failed to show up on their televisions. The satellite service provider trended on Twitter as some lamented OANN and others celebrated the apparent suspension.

DirecTV did not drop the network, in spite of claims from the likes of liberal commentator Tony Posnanski. Indeed, subscribers who complained posted pictures that suggested they simply needed to upgrade their DirecTV packages: “To add this channel now, simply text, click or call.”

OAN president Charles Herring explained to TheWrap that DirecTV apparently had ended a limited-time offer to provide free previews of channels such as his own. “Due to COVID-19, with many Americans sheltering and home, the cable companies, including DirecTV, have provided FREE extended PREVIEWS of a number of channels, including OAN,” he said via email. “DirecTV was offering a number of channels for free to customers that generally don’t receive the programming. Kudos to DirecTV for providing free programming to its customers. ”

Herring said he was unaware any promotional period was ending today, but expects the channel to be restored under a free preview model soon. He added that he’d been fielding viewer messages and talking to DirecTV reps all day.

A rep for DirecTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment.