Discovery Cancels ‘Everest Jump Live’ After Deadly Avalanche

Planned for May 11, the cable channel cancels a scheduled televised jump from Mt. Everest, in respect to those killed in a recent accident

Discovery has canceled its planned “Everest Jump Live.”

“In light of the overwhelming tragedy at Mt. Everest and respect for the families of the fallen, Discovery Channel will not be going forward with ‘Everest Jump Live.’ Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Sherpa community,” the network said in a statement issued to the media on Sunday.

The announcement arrives after an avalanche on Mt. Everest early Friday morning local time, killed 13 people.

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The planned 2-hour event special, which was being produced by NBC News’ Peacock Productions, was to chronicle climber Joby Ogwyn’s journey to the summit of Mt. Everest.

As of Friday, Discovery Channel had been unsure whether it would go on with the program. Ogwyn, who was at Mount Everest at the time of the deadly avalanche, assisted with the rescue efforts.

An NBC News crew was also on site preparing for the special, which was to be hosted by NBC News anchor Willie Geist. Camera operator Ed Wardle and producer Jonathan Fierro said on “Today” that none of the “Everest Jump Live” team was injured in the incident.

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But, plans for the special didn’t look good. Wardle said the avalanche occurred at the beginning of the traditional climbing season at Everest, which throws into question whether anyone should continue with their plans to summit the world’s highest peak.