‘Doctor Who’ Mini-Series: Watch the Doctor Rap! (Video)

The Doctor lays down some vocals, and some smooth moves, in "mini-adventure" series prior to season premiere

Itching with anticipation for the Sept. 1 season premiere of "Doctor Who"? Don't worry, the internet has provided you with a daily fix to keep you pacified until then.

"Pond Life," a five-part "mini-adventure" that launched today, chronicles the Doctor's unexpected adventures after the Tardis' helmic regulator malfunctions, randomly putting him at various junctures in time and space.

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In the case of the first episode, that would include a visit to a recording studio, where the Doctor lays down some backing vocals — and a few smooth moves.

Does the Doctor manage to bust out some legitimate rap? Share your thoughts in the comments section, after watching the first installment of "Pond Life."