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Trump Tweets Look a Lot Like Leaked GOP Talking Points

President pushes back against Washington Post report he is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice

Donald Trump’s recent tweets look a lot like leaked talking points purportedly put together by Republicans to combat a Washington Post report that the President is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice.

The talking points were posted to Twitter Wednesday night by Washington Post White House bureau chief Phillip Rucker shortly after the story was published. Attributed by Rucker to an anonymous source, the document details “top takeaways” from the Post’s scoop, along with a series of pro-Trump notes that surrogates can use when defending the president on cable news and elsewhere.

While the GOP has not confirmed the veracity of the talking points, Trump’s tweets reacting to the Post’s story show strong similarities to them.

The document has a section labeled, “If this leaked account is true, it means the Special Counsel has struck out on trying to probe collusion, and is shifting to obstruction in an effort to save face.” Early on Thursday morning, Trump sent the following tweet:

The document also has a section that rips the people investigating Trump. Titled “This story is just another examples [sic] of more illegal leaks coming out of the FBI and the investigative process,” the section states that “members of the investigative teams are trying to undermine the president.” Que Trump, who tweeted similar claims Thursday morning:

We’ll probably never know for certain if Trump used the document Rucker tweeted as an outline for his tweets. But either way, he appears to be on the same page with whomever put the list together.

Meanwhile, whoever leaked the document to the Rucker would probably be in some serious trouble with Trump if caught, as a significant portion is devoted to specifically calling out leakers.

Check out the document below.

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