Don Lemon’s CNN Panel on Gun Control Goes Off the Rails (Video)

Igor Volsky and Ben Ferguson tear into each other while discussing President Obama’s new gun control measures

Don Lemon led a discussion on gun control on CNN Tuesday that quickly devolved into a shouting match between the liberal and conservative panelists.

Igor Volsky from ThinkProgress and CNN Republican contributor Ben Ferguson started off amicably, but soon the two were screaming over one another to get points across.

Things started to go south when Ferguson began comparing the NRA to other lobbying groups, such as the failed green energy company Solyndra. Volsky immediately took exception, saying “What does Solyndra have to do with this?”

Ferguson then went on to critique President Obama’s executive actions on gun control, claiming that if the measures had been enacted at the start of his presidency, they would not have prevented any mass shootings like the one at Sandy Hook elementary school.

Volsky then tried to break in as Ferguson was speaking, leading to one of many exchanges peppered with “Let me finish!”

Ferguson went on to reveal that he was once shot at by a three-time felon who had purchased a gun on the black market. He said that the shooting would not have been prevented by the President’s actions, but Volsky fired back that it would have.

“Thirty thousand people are killed every year because of gun violence and ensuring that people go through background checks, instant background checks before they purchase a gun is not taking anything away from anybody,” Volsky said as the panel concluded.