Donald Trump Captures Crucial Gary Busey Vote

Actor says he respects Obama, but has to go with the guy who fired him

How gifted a politician is Donald Trump? Gifted enough to get the endorsement of someone he fired.

In this case, unfortunately, that someone is Gary Busey, who has some history of making not-great decisions.

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Since his "Celebrity Apprentice" exit, Busey has told several media outfits he thinks Trump is the best candidate for the job — though he always takes care to stress that he also respects President Obama.

"I think he would be absolutely a good president. Because he knows about the country. He knows about this situation we're in now," Busey said of Trump on "Today" Monday.

He repeated the sentiment in an interview on "The Wendy Williams Show" and in a news conference posted by Fox All Access.

Busey also says he's created a "Buseyism" for Trump's name: "Taking Redirection Understanding Massive Power."

It's all in the delivery: