Donald Trump Clashes With Reporter for Misquoting Him: ‘You’re Not a Very Good Reporter’ (Video)

The presidential candidate went off on yet another reporter at a press conference

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has clashed — yet again — with a reporter, this time blasting the journalist for a question he asked Trump in which he allegedly misquoted the real estate mogul.

During a press conference on Tuesday after Trump announced he won’t be attending the Republican debate on Thursday, a reporter quoted a soundbite Trump gave Tim Russert in 1999 in which he said, “I’m very pro-choice, I hate the concept of abortion.” But the candidate interrupted the unidentified reporter and blasted him for not framing the question properly earlier during the Q&A.

“Why didn’t you read that before?” Trump responded, as the reporter asked whether social conservatives could trust Trump now that it appears he may have flipped on the issue of abortion. “Very trustworthy, more so than you.”

The reporter wasn’t able to get a word in without Trump ceaselessly slamming him for apparently misquoting him on the soundbite.

“Why didn’t you say that I hate the concept of abortion? You quoted Tim Russert, you were quoting Tim and you were quoting me, why didn’t you read my quote the way I said it?”

The reporter then went on to state that he tried calling up the quote despite a poor Wi-Fi connection, to which Trump responded with a characteristic insult.

“Well then you gotta get Wi-Fi. Don’t ask me questions like that. You are not a very good reporter doing that,” he said.

Trump famously got into a row with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos in August about illegal immigration, in which Trump actually booted Ramos from the press conference.

Watch the video.