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Donald Trump Rally Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’ (Video)

”I have to tell you, they were devastated on November 8,“ Trump tells the crowd

The crowd at a Donald Trump rally chanted “CNN sucks” on Tuesday night after the president-elect took a shot at the media, saying the press was “devastated” on Election Day.

“CNN sucks… CNN sucks… CNN sucks,” the crowd chanted in harmony.

Trump was speaking in Wisconsin as part of his “Thank You Tour” when the chant broke out. Trump responded to the chat, saying, “Look, they’re very nice. Look at all those cameras… I have to tell you, they were devastated on November 8.”

Trump then asked if he should “go over that evening” quickly, mentioning “phony exit polls” and admitting that he “sort of thought he lost” but was “OK with it” after seeing reports on cable news that he would lose.

Trump went on to explain that he was confident he would win because of the size of his rallies and that the exit polls showing he would lose “didn’t make sense,” and he didn’t do interviews for the last month of the campaign because they get edited down to make him look bad.

Watch the video above.