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Donald Trump Data Leaked by Anonymous Was Already Available Online

On Tuesday the hacker group declared all-out war on the presidential candidate

While the hacker group Anonymous claimed to have revealed Donald Trump’s personal information Thursday, it turns out that data was already available online.

According to Mediaite, Trump’s cellphone number had been previously distributed by Gawker last year in response to Trump’s public disclosure of Lindsey Graham’s number.

Other personal information that is readily available online, such as information on the Trump Organization, including the identities of his agent and his lawyer, as well as the names of family members, can be easily accessed through a Google search.

Whether or not the social security number revealed actually belongs to Trump is unclear.

On Tuesday, Anonymous declared all-out war on Trump, and released what it claims is Trump’s personal information on Thursday.

The release of the info was announced in a YouTube video (above) in which a sternly anti-Trump statement is delivered by a crudely animated figure in a Guy Fawkes mask and spoken by a text-to-speech vocalizer. An orchestral version of the theme from the film “Requiem for a Dream” plays in the background. The statement makes numerous comparisons between Trump and Nazi Germany, asserting that “Donald Trump is an enemy of the Constitution and the natural rights it enshrines.”

The small data dump can be found through pastebin and ghostbin links that were included in the video’s description, which lists the cellphone and unverified social security number.