Donald Trump Decides Polls ‘Not Scientific’ Now That Ben Carson’s Leading Them

The GOP candidate still claims to be a “believer of polls,” but says there are too many to take them seriously after his opponent pulls ahead in two

Donald Trump discredited Ben Carson‘s rise in the polls by stating they’re “not very scientific” on Tuesday. Tuesday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I want to ask about once and for all your relationship with polls,” Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin asked the GOP candidate during “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. “When you’re ahead of the polls you cite them, you act like they’re scientific gospel. When we see polls where you’re behind, sometimes you’ll challenge the pollster, the organization, the methodology, the legitimacy of the poll.”

When asked to justify that tendency, Trump assured he still believes in polls, but blamed a lack of science for results that don’t favor him.

“I think you have to understand polls,” Trump said. “I believe in polls. I generally believe in polls. The thing with these polls, they are all so different. They are coming from all over the lot where one guy is up here, somebody else is up there, you see swings of ten and twelve points immediately, even the same day.”

“So right now its not very scientific,” he added. “I think it’s very hard when you have this many. But over all Mark, I am a believer in polls, they say something.”

A recent CBS/New York Times poll showed that Carson surpassed Trump, with 26 percent of Republican primary voters backing Carson. This gives him a four-point edge over Trump (22 percent).

Watch the video below.