Donald Trump’s Doctor Draws Healthy Heaps of Ridicule on Twitter

Dr. Harold Bornstein comes under fire for everything from his hippie-ish style to his choice of technology

harold bornstein
NBC News

Donald Trump’s doctor is definitely in the house, as far as Twitter is concerned.

The MD who declared that the GOP presidential candidate would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” drew heavy attention on social media Friday, and if laughter is truly the best medicine, we will all soon be as healthy as The Donald apparently is.

Dr. Harold Bornstein made headlines Friday thanks to an NBC News article that reported the good doctor wrote his assessment of Trump’s health in five minutes while while a limousine dispatched by the Republican nominee waited for him outside his office.

But Twitter was more enchanted with the medicine man’s Tommy Chong-esque appearance.

“Trump’s doctor looks like the guy who prescribes you weed without even hearing your fake excuse,” offered one observer.

“I think Trump’s doctor sold me peyote in the 90’s,” went another similarly-themed tweet.

And then there was, “Trump’s doctor looks more like a roadie for the Grateful Dead than a medical doctor, but ok, whatevs…”

“Trump’s Doctor assures us @realDonaldTrump many canceled events are not because his seizures are uncontrollable,” another offered, riffing on the rumors about the health of Trump’s political rival Hillary Clinton juxtaposed beside video of the candidate mimicking a reporter with a disability.

Yet another wiseacre took issue with Bornstein’s preferred computer operating system. “You guys are all talking about the letter and totally missed the fact that Trump’s doctor still uses *Windows XP*!”

And so on.

Read on for a collection of the best responses.