Donald Trump Ends Fox News Boycott With ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Appearance (Video)

Network personality asks presidential candidate if he needs to be “kinder and more mature” to win GOP nomination

Fox News

Donald Trump ended his boycott of Fox News on Tuesday with an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

O’Reilly began by discussing a recent Trump campaign event in which a supporter asked a question in which he stated that President Obama is a Muslim and that Muslims are a problem in the U.S.

O’Reilly said that Trump “did not answer [the man] directly” and asked Trump if somebody were to attack a mosque, would he be responsible?

“Well, I think it’s terrible what’s going on,” Trump said. “I can tell you in New York City they used to go in and check and do a lot of different things. And now they’re not doing any checking. And I think the question that was asked of me in New Hampshire… I just didn’t want to respond to the question.”

O’Reilly then asked Trump if it would be fair to say he will have to be “kinder and more mature” in order to secure the Republican nomination.

“I think it’s fair. I think the word ‘mature’ is not appropriate but I think it’s certainly fair,” Trump said. “I think as you know I’m leading every poll. In most polls I’m leading very big.”

“It’s not going to be a question of nice,” he continued. “I think I’m a nice person. I have great relationships. You know me well. I help people. I love people. But it’s not going to be a question of that. It’s going to be a question of competence because people are tired of being pushed around by every country in the world.”

Watch the full interview below.