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Donald Trump on Whether His Charity is Law-Abiding: ‘I Hope So’

”It doesn’t go to me; it goes to charities,“ the GOP candidate says of the millions of dollars going through the Trump Foundation

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is the gift that keeps on giving — to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Donald Trump raised a few eyebrows Sunday, when asked during an interview on “Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson” if he was confident that the foundation has followed all charitable rules and laws. His reply: “Well, I hope so, I mean, my lawyers do it.”

The Republican presidential nominee went on to say: “We give away money, I don’t make anything, I take no salaries, I take no–any costs, I have zero costs, and a lot of money goes through the Trump Foundation into charities. Goes to charities, it doesn’t go to me, it goes to charities.”

Attkisson interviewed Trump on the eve of the first of three presidential debates about — among other things — the scandals that have brewed during his campaign, namely, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s inquiry into the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

She was quick to point out that Schneiderman is a Hillary Clinton supporter and has found nothing worthy of inquiry with the Clinton Foundation.

“With the hundreds of millions of dollars of things, isn’t it interesting, and he said he’s not eve/”>even gonna look at it,” Trump quipped.

Donald J. Trump Foundation has come into scrutiny since April’s report from The Washington Post that found not one donation made over a half-decade came directly from the wallet of the GOP candidate.

While the Trump Foundation has been generous on paper, the man who controls it didn’t actually donate any of his own money between 2009 and 2014, the newspaper found.